Kenyan Presidential Election Blatantly Rigged

Rail Odinga

This is Raila Odinga, who should be the president of Kenya. However, that looks unlikely, following incumbent Kibaki’s blatant and deplorable vote rigging. Indeed, Kivuitu, (Chairman of the Electoral Commission) himself said that the results indicate a turnout of 115% in one constituency. Apparently Kibaki is desparate enough to resort to inventing voters.

As if a botched vote rigging wasn’t bad enough, the government has also banned any live broadcasting linked to the live election. To their credit, European Union officials have raised doubts about the results, and even the British foreign secretary has called the results into question, (a veritable miracle considering the tendency of the British government to support the US in all matters). Chief EU Election Observer, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, stated that he had personally seen voting forms doctored. “Interestingly enough, all the changes favoured the same candidate”, he said.

Speaking of the devil, the United States has congratulated Mr. Kibaki on his (false) victory – hardly surprising, considering George Bush was originally elected on similarly shaky grounds: the two presidents must feel a kinship of sorts. Of-course, Mr. Kibaki’s willingness to deport Muslims to Guantanamo Bay, (i.e. the Hellhole) will also help his case, considering that the US desparately seeks out allies in its War On Terror Freedom.

However, there is yet hope for freedom, and that hope lies in the violence that has sprung up across the country. Odinga cannot take his case to the courts, as ballot boxes will doubtless be ‘misplaced’. The only way forward here is through violence and protest. Kibaki could not predict the passion of the Kenyan people for their freedoms, and a daytime curfew has quickly sprung up, with police ordered to shoot violators. Furthermore, police have cordoned off Uhuru Park, where Odinga planned to hold a ceremony.

One fear is that the violence could go too far and plunge the country into disarray; people have apparently been killed in the central city of Nakuru.

But there is still hope for Odinga’s presidency. With implicit support from the UK and EU, and the will of the people on his side, Odinga may yet be sworn in as president. As he said, “The train of democracy in Kenya is unstoppable like the flow of the Nile.” As Neil McIntoch says, “It’s not over yet”.


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  4. Aaron says:

    Your confused about the way the George Bush was elected. Also, it is George W. Bush that you’re speaking of. Clearly this article was written by someone with the intelligence of a six year old. Anyway, I hope your house is hit by the next terror attack; then we will see if it’s still a “war on freedom.”

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