Kibaki Calls for ‘Peace’ – that is, for Acceptance of Blatant Election Fraud

As can be read here, Kibaki has taken an even more audacious step (as if inventing voters to steal the worst-rigged election ever wasn’t bad enough) and called for peace – specifically, for Kenyans to ‘remain calm’. He has also ruled out talks with Odinga until Kenya is ‘calm’.

Let’s take a look at this statement. What would remaining calm mean here? Remaining calm would mean accepting Kibaki’s blatant election fraud. Remaining calm would mean giving up the fight for democratic rights. Remaining calm would mean forgetting everything that democracy means. Fitting that Kibaki will not hold talks with Odinga until Kenya is calm, since both actions would indicate an acceptance of the election fraud.

So let there be no calm until Odinga, the rightful president of Kenya, is sworn in. When democracy fails, as it has, the only way to engage in the pursuit of justice is through force.

Oh yes, and even more audacious (if that’s possible) is Kibaki’s claim in the same article that the opposition is ‘fomenting violence’ in Kenya. There is only ongoing violence in Kenya because of Kibaki’s blatant fraud. So Kibaki, you are wrong on all counts – it is you who has started the violence in Kenya.

And, through your childish stubborness, it is also you who may lead to the continuation of violence in Kenya. This excellent blog post shows how blocking Thursday’s, (and Friday’s) opposition rally will only lead to greater tensions. How can there be dialogue and peace when Kibaki wont even allow Odinga’s support to gather in a peaceful manner to relieve their tensions? There cannot be. Kibaki, you are a monster blinded by your own power, and you’re sucking the life out of Kenya.

Save Kenya: tell Kibaki to step down now.

– Nishant


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