Obama Carries Iowa Democratic Caucus; Worldwide Celebrations as Hillary Comes Third

As most of you have probably heard by now, Obama won the Iowan Democratic Caucuses with 37.58% of the votes. This I expected, but the next bit of news surprised be: Edwards came second with 29.75%, inching out Clinton, who had 29.47%. That’s right, Clinton came last – party time! (This post has results for every candidate).

However, although this might make for good media fodder, Obama wont actually get too many more national delegates from Iowa. Due to the way in which they’re allocated, Obama will only claim 16 potential delegates from Iowa – and Hillary will claim 15, one more than Edward’s 14. Boo. (No other Democratic candidate got enough votes to claim national delegates). That’s right, an almost 8% winning margin in votes will translate to only one additional delegate for Obama compared to Clinton. Obama’s victory is something to celebrate, but the primaries are far from won, and it will take more hard work to keep Hillary out.

The record turnout is probably what clinched the victory for Obama – 220,588 voters participated this year, compared to 2004’s 124,000. A large percentage of the voters were people under 30 and independent voters, two groups that mainly supported Obama. And women, the support of which Clinton was banking on, split the vote between Clinton and Obama. Maybe they know that a woman running for president isn’t as big a deal as the media make it out to be.

Oh, and finally, here’s a story that is being swamped by the Iowa Caucus results – Democrats in Minnesota have captured a vacated Republican seat. A good day for the Democrats.

Onwards to New Hampshire!


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