US Primaries: Candidates I Support

So it might be a bit late for this, (considering that the Iowa caucus is already well underway in the US) but these are the candidates I’d vote for if I was an American citizen.

Democrats: John Edwards Barack Obama

It’s a close one here – between Edwards and Obama that is, (sorry Hillary, you didn’t even come close to entering the picture). In the end, I’d have to go with Obama, simply because he has a greater chance of beating Hillary than Edwards does at the moment. Honestly I wouldn’t mind either of them being chosen. I like the Iowa system in this respect, because of the importance of a voter’s second choice of candidate.

Republicans: Ron Paul

No brainer here guys. Speaks honestly for smaller government, non-interventionism (not isolationism), and has the voting record to back up his words. Media is scared of him, (*cough* Fox News *cough*), but if he won it would be amazing.

So that’s it, just the quick obligatory US Elections post. For more on the Iowa caucus, this blog post predicts a Obama and Romney victory, and discusses the reasons for such a prediction.

– Nishant


5 Responses to US Primaries: Candidates I Support

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  2. I’m with you on Ron Paul, but not Obama. I would go with Edwards hands-down on the Dem side.

  3. nish81 says:

    Choosing Obama over Edwards was tough for me, because in many ways I do prefer Edwards in terms of policy. but in the end, I’d vote Obama just to keep Hillary out, because he seems to have a better chance of beating her. then again, is it right to vote against a candidate as opposed to voting for one..

  4. I believe Edwards is underexposed because of the media. Frankly, I wouldn’t vote for either Hillary or Obama in the national election, but Edwards would have a slight (very slight) chance of winning my vote. Hillary and Obama scare me to death. Edwards seems more sincere and honest than either one of them.

  5. nish81 says:

    I’m not exposed to the US media, so I can’t argue with you on that one. i can see how Hillary might scare you, but why Obama? You’re right, Edwards does seem very sincere, but he seems to come off as a very ‘offensive’ candidate, which might scare away some undecided voters. dont know if ‘offensive’ is the right word though.

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