Violence Eases in Kenya

Although the crisis in Kenya is probably not over, tensions have cools and violence has eased. Mr Odinga has realised that he will not get justice in Kenya, and possibly the best he can hope for is a revote – if properly monitored, this could easily go his way. However, the chances of that are slim as long as the government rejects any and all outside help – as seen in this article.

The country, however, will not be the same. Tribal tensions are now out in the open, and many Kikuyus who have fled may not have plans to return. Tensions have yet to subside completely in major cities and slums, but people are trying to get back to normal life. However, violence still abounds, as can be seen from Ory Okolloh’s account of his trip to the airport.

The government is not making a return to peace any easier. As long as they continue to block demonstrations, (as pictured) protesters will simply seek another – less peaceful – outlet to release their tensions. And if the government continues to prevent outside forces from mediating, (since they support Odinga) then they may lose precious donor aid, threatening the economy even further. (For more pictures, try this blog).
The main concern at this stage is that of genocide erupting. Tribal tensions are strong and out in the open, and Genocide Watch has placed Kenya on a Stage 6 – the last stage before genocide erupting.

For more information, here’s a list of blogs that are covering the situation in Kenya.


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