Election Fraud in New Hampshire: Significant Evidence that Hillary shouldn’t have Won

January 10, 2008

    Firstly, I’d like to thank Jason for bringing this issue to my attention.

This is the U.S.A right? The country that invades countries and funds foreign governments in the name of ‘promoting democracy’ right? (Or not). Maybe America’s taking tips from Kenya.

Let’s skip to the point. In the New Hampshire primary, some votes were counted by hand and some were counted with the aid of a machine. You’d expect the percentage of votes won by each candidate to be roughly the same in the hand-counted votes and the machine-counted votes right? Wrong.

In the hand-counted votes, (which are harder to rig) Clinton won 34.7% whereas Obama won 38.8% – he won. However, in the machine-counted votes Clinton won 40.1% and Obama won 35.8%. Suspicious no? The machine-counted votes gave Hillary 5% more and Obama 3% less. I find it hard to believe that there should be such significant differences with both candidates – especially if both difference benefit the candidate favoured by the establishment. Here is a page with a whole bunch of figured detailing the differences between machine and hand counted cotes.

Of-course, just like Kenya, it’s not like anything will happen. After all, it’s America – land of freedom and democracy. How could the elections have been rigged?

– Nishant

Woman who led to the ‘Crying Clinton’ incident voted for Obama

January 9, 2008

    The title says it all; for more information, I’d like to direct you to the original article.

Of particular interest (at least to me) is this comment by Ms Young, the freelance photographer who caused the incident.

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Kenya Death Toll being kept Artificially Low

January 7, 2008

Living in Tanzania, I’m frequently able to talk with refugees that are constantly streaming into the country from Kenya. Something that I have repeatedly heard from many refugees here is that the actual death toll in Kenya is at least 1000. The official government figure is 486, but the Kenyan police have stated that there are at least 600 dead, with more bodies still hidden in bushes. Furthermore, according to refugees that I’ve met, there are areas in the deep slums which the police have barely set foot in since Kibaki stole the election: these areas house scores of bodies. From listening to the refugees, it seems that 1000 killed is a conservative figure – and the death toll looks set to rise even more, considering that the Kenyan army has been sent into Kibera to quell unrest (i.e. kill people).

There’s really nothing left to add to this that I haven’t said before. Odinga has had to call off his nationwide protests scheduled for tomorrow because of this violence; protests that he has every right to hold. (At least protests can still be held in the UK).

There may not be much left to write about this, but first-hand photos can tell the story in greater depth – here’s another good blog to find some pictures.

– Nishant