Kucinich Requests Vote Recount – Theory of Vote Irregularities Crosses into Real Life

January 12, 2008

As this post alerted me to, Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich (“wait, who?”) – who won about 2% of the vote in New Hampshire (“oh, one of those candidates) – is requesting a recount of the votes cast in the New Hampshire primary. Kucinich will have to pay for it: the cost is $2,000 if you have lost by a margin of 3% or less, otherwise you must cover the full cost of the recount. In a move which I don’t quite understand, Kucinich has sent off the $2,000 fee – that’s for candidates who lose by three percent or less, not for those who receive three percent or less of the vote. Unless it’s an obligatory down payment. In any case, Kucinich has said that he is not “making this request in the expectation that a recount will significantly affect the number of votes that were cast on my behalf”.

Anyway, Kucinich can sort out the money himself. I do think it is a good idea to call this recount – obviously the only person who has anything to gain from it is Obama, who lost by a slim margin of 2%. It wouldn’t look good on Obama to call for a recount himself, (sore loser anyone?) so it’s probably best for Kucinich to do it. The Deputy Secretary of State, David Scanlan, says that he has “every confidence” that the results are accurate; but who cares, it’s Hillary who has the most to lose here. (Apparently those voting machines that favoured her can be hacked within ten minutes).

You have to admire Kucinich for this – I never thought that online allegations of election fraud would cross the boundary into real life action.

– Nish

Election Fraud in New Hampshire: Significant Evidence that Hillary shouldn’t have Won

January 10, 2008

    Firstly, I’d like to thank Jason for bringing this issue to my attention.

This is the U.S.A right? The country that invades countries and funds foreign governments in the name of ‘promoting democracy’ right? (Or not). Maybe America’s taking tips from Kenya.

Let’s skip to the point. In the New Hampshire primary, some votes were counted by hand and some were counted with the aid of a machine. You’d expect the percentage of votes won by each candidate to be roughly the same in the hand-counted votes and the machine-counted votes right? Wrong.

In the hand-counted votes, (which are harder to rig) Clinton won 34.7% whereas Obama won 38.8% – he won. However, in the machine-counted votes Clinton won 40.1% and Obama won 35.8%. Suspicious no? The machine-counted votes gave Hillary 5% more and Obama 3% less. I find it hard to believe that there should be such significant differences with both candidates – especially if both difference benefit the candidate favoured by the establishment. Here is a page with a whole bunch of figured detailing the differences between machine and hand counted cotes.

Of-course, just like Kenya, it’s not like anything will happen. After all, it’s America – land of freedom and democracy. How could the elections have been rigged?

– Nishant

Kibaki Calls for ‘Peace’ – that is, for Acceptance of Blatant Election Fraud

January 4, 2008

As can be read here, Kibaki has taken an even more audacious step (as if inventing voters to steal the worst-rigged election ever wasn’t bad enough) and called for peace – specifically, for Kenyans to ‘remain calm’. He has also ruled out talks with Odinga until Kenya is ‘calm’.

Let’s take a look at this statement. What would remaining calm mean here? Remaining calm would mean accepting Kibaki’s blatant election fraud. Remaining calm would mean giving up the fight for democratic rights. Remaining calm would mean forgetting everything that democracy means. Fitting that Kibaki will not hold talks with Odinga until Kenya is calm, since both actions would indicate an acceptance of the election fraud.

So let there be no calm until Odinga, the rightful president of Kenya, is sworn in. When democracy fails, as it has, the only way to engage in the pursuit of justice is through force.

Oh yes, and even more audacious (if that’s possible) is Kibaki’s claim in the same article that the opposition is ‘fomenting violence’ in Kenya. There is only ongoing violence in Kenya because of Kibaki’s blatant fraud. So Kibaki, you are wrong on all counts – it is you who has started the violence in Kenya.

And, through your childish stubborness, it is also you who may lead to the continuation of violence in Kenya. This excellent blog post shows how blocking Thursday’s, (and Friday’s) opposition rally will only lead to greater tensions. How can there be dialogue and peace when Kibaki wont even allow Odinga’s support to gather in a peaceful manner to relieve their tensions? There cannot be. Kibaki, you are a monster blinded by your own power, and you’re sucking the life out of Kenya.

Save Kenya: tell Kibaki to step down now.

– Nishant